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The Jazz Mix, Mostly Bop, and the Bossa Nova Breakfast are broadcast on, the world's largest internet radio network. If you need help listening to the stations, visit the Live365 FAQs Page.
The Jazz Mix is a showcase for new releases from currently active artists. To listen, click on the "play" button in the right-hand column of this page, or go to my Live 365 station page. The Jazz Mix is also now on iTunes Radio.
Mostly Bop features classic Bebop and Hard Bop by the masters of jazz. Tune-in to hear Bird, Diz, Monk, Clifford Brown, Horace Silver and more! Visit the website, my Live365 station page, or iTunes to listen.

In the mood for something a little different? The Bossa Nova Breakfast features Bossa Nova, Samba & Brazilian Jazz. Broadcasting on Live365 and iTunes Radio under "Jazz"

To listen, open iTunes, click on "Radio" near the top left-hand corner, and click on "Jazz" in the directory. Then double-click on either "The Jazz Mix", "Mostly Bop", or "Bossa Nova Breakfast."